1000 reasons to keep military vehicles on the road - please add your comment


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We're similar to any other historical special interest individuals that want to preserve culture and history from our past. We may even have an obligation to current and future individuals to protect our special interest and ensure future laws keep others from infringing on our rights.

One of the best reasons to continue to ensure the greater public supports us on public roads is already written.

"""Cultural property represents the human history and achievements of societies. In its physical form, it includes, among other things, antiquities, art, artifacts, and architecture. Because of its physical nature, it may be under constant threat of theft or damage—even destruction."""

We're looking through existing preservation laws up north this winter so busting open U.S. laws may uncover the same obligation to history in the south.

The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 was passed primarily to acknowledge the importance of protecting our nation’s heritage from rampant federal development.""""

It's not just a right but an obligation to the men and women who protected this continent in the past and continue to protect it to this day. It's an obligation by us to those in the future to have access to the stories and equipment that created a continent,........ in which we could sit within, on our soft couches and complain as we relish in the pursuit of happiness.

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