18KW Drash Generator Help


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Its my understanding that most of what people call DRASH, is in fact built by another company.
I blame the auction sites for calling any trailer mounted generator/air conditioner a DRASH...

Back in the day the two main players in trailer mounted generator/air conditioners were PowerSystems Intl who sold the GET (Generator Ecu Trailer) and DRASH...PowerSystems was purchased by HDT and continued to compete with DRASH. In the meantime Applied companies made their GETT (Generator ECU Tent Trailer), this is the one you always see on surplus, has red LED display, the fuel lines rot and the fuel rack sticks. I believe that is the one you are referring to.
For some reason the auction sites called all these models DRASH and it stuck.

After all this HDT purchased DRASH so they now sell the GET and DRASH trailers.....As for the Applied trailers, they still show them on their website but I have not seen one deployed in a long time.


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The soldiers are no different. All trailer mounted ECU/Gen sets are "DRASH".
Kinda like Kleenex, Xerox, Coke, or Jeep.

All really are brand names. All have become the thing that people refer to as that "snot paper" or "copying machine" or "caramel colored beverage" or the "four wheel thing to play with in the dirt".
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