1941 GMC K18 lives again


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Lost Angels, CA
Glad you have a cylinder head on the way! Your truck is in 1,000 times better shape than its red headed step brother that I own!
I own what is left of its Chevy cousin a G-7123 and I was going to shoehorn a Cummins 6BT into it. This is before I realized that the frame was UNSALVAGABLE from in front of the transfercase back!! A Straight engine could be made to fit, otherwise you are just dropping the body onto something and cutting the heck out of the truck. Long story short I bought a M135 for the rolling chassis, wife and kids fell in love with the truck, putting Cummins into M135 and the 302 will be set aside for the G-7123 (once I get ANOTHER FRAME!!! LOL!!
The one thing I was always leary of with putting a Cummins in the COE is the fact that even though it was wartime they added asbestos insulation as both for heat and sound on these cabovers how much more racket and heat from a diesel?

41 GMC

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seattle. washington
​Hello, from Dennis in Seattle. I am curious if the K-18 that you now own was the one I sold to a gentleman in San Jose a couple of years ago, I would love to see some of the pictures of your K-18.
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