1953 m108

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Edmonton, Canada
The 50's trucks are my favorite for some reason. Eco Friendly sandblasting boys spent 5 hours with glass, walnut and sand on mine. How long did you spend on the blaster? She looks good!

Even after 5 years, when I open the front windows on the road, media still falls out of hidden places and lands in the eye-balls. Spend a ton of time on the air-gun blowing air into all the holes before you start priming. One of the boys suggested using the shop vac at the same time I was blowing air through the cab...and I should have listened.

When I got on the sprayer to apply primer, once in a while the grit would come out of a corner and stick. A guy just can't blow too much air in them prior to applying the first coats. Do a good job giving it a blow. Nice truck!