1954 Volvo TP21 Sugga direct from Sweden

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Austin, TX
thats a sweet little truck. do you have a website with all the vehicles?
The truck pictures were sent to me by a private owner of one of the 912 trucks.
There are lots of different websites devoted to particular military vehicle in Europe. The Volvos seem to have their individual followings not only in Sweden, but in Germany, Norway, France, etc. Sometimes these folks group together on international websites, sometimes they are country-centric.
Volvo has a brief summary of some of their military truck history at

Regarding D8Dave's question about pricing, the numbers for the Sugga Radio Car are all over the map. The eBay junker in New Jersey went unsold at $8900 I believe, but it was in bad shape from what I could see. Better condition Suggas actually sell for anything between $10,000 and $71,000. The latter price was paid at a Barrett-Jackson auction a few years ago for a restored and highly modified Sugga. The market ist highly variable because there are relatively few of these vehicles in existence --- only 720 Suggas were manufactured by Voilvo. I paid at the low end of the range for mine because I was willing to jump through the hoops to buy overseas and get it imported. I know of Suggas in various conditions in North America for which the asking price varies from $23,000 up to $65,000. Some are original, some modified, some restored.
The trucks like the 912 tend to sell for less than the Suggas.

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