2006 Odyssey PC625 Battery Replaced in M1030M1


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Hiawassee, Georgia
The Odyssey PC625 AGM battery in my M1030M1 diesel motorcycle finally gave up the ghost. It started the engine fine in warm weather, but now that the weather has turned cold, it has surrendered. I ordered a new Odyssey PC625 AGM battery as a replacement and installed it today. It arrived fully charged at Autozone where I ordered it and cost me $119.95 + tax. When I removed the old battery, I was surprised to see that the date code was December 2006. That battery was 12 years old! The PC625 battery is the only one that will fit in the M1030M1 diesel motorcycle as far as I know or at least thats what several others have told me. After seeing how long the original one lasted, I wouldn't consider another brand anyway.


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