3 Phase Wiring on 120VAC Plugs

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Kern County, CA
I have a few questions on wiring and before I cook anything on my recently acquired S-250 shelter, I figured it's best to post.

20190405_181911.jpg 20190407_102720.jpg 20190407_102746.jpg

The outside plug says 120VAC GEN PWR
The wiring from that goes to the main breaker inside the unit.
It's an Airpax 4 pole 60 amp breaker.

20190405_181845.jpg 20190405_181800.jpg

Cable supplied to hook up to generator is 5 wire.
A, B, C, Ground and Neutral.
Lines A, B, and C go to the breaker from the plug (via a terminal block).

There's also an Airpax 4 pole 15 amp breaker for the ECU (which wasn't included).

It appears the only thing even requiring 3 phase 208 would have been the ecu.

I have ECU's for testing, they are all 4 wire 208v (same as the outside ecu plug on this unit).

Everything else is either 120VAC or 28VDC.

So, other than setting my generator to 120VAC and powering things up, is there a better (safer) way to determine correct input voltage?


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Landaff NH
Multi meter !!!!!! check all your load coming in at the plug, Check in the box , As long as your applience is the right voltage as sent down the line, AND YOUR GROUNDED (stake driven in the ground as Guy said you should be fine, I ALWAYS ALWAYS check all the boxes IE fuse boxes for load on the cases STATIC continuity checks , L1 is L1 L2 is L2 ( in your case you may have an L3 as you stated ,although if your load appliences only need one leg 110volt or two leg 110 (22o) volts drop the L3 ) neutrual is to neutrual and also to ground in the ground buss bar Saved me a lot of heart ache prior to applying load and frying something Check twice before you short it once. Be careful good luck


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Just twist the ABC phase wires together and connect to your 120 volt generator hot, connect the white wire to 120 volt generator neutral. All the 120 volt shelter devices will power up except for any 3 phase units.
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