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Picked up 3 yesterday after an all night drive. Firstly the water trailer, nice semi restored condition. I only need to I D it as there are no data plates.(Seems WW2). Needs a new wiring harness and the landing leg.(Need a PIC here) Next was the M43 ex CDN ambulance converted to a hunting unit. Notice the elaborate boat rack. Up and over winch cable lowers it to the ground where it's loaded and winched back up. Ususal cancer in usual spots but a good project. This already has $5,000 in restoration money from 2 donors. There are 3 more within spitting distance inc 2 with bumper winches. Probably go after one of the winched ones later on. Lastly the Grizzly. Early version with propulsion drive still intact.(they were replaced with storage bins) Hit in front end in Bosnia by a morter. Driver's hatch torn off but there. Front end mostly repaired. Muffler is gone and some other parts that can be fabbed. Interior gutted but not unrestorable.Good winter storage in a heated environment with a paint booth too! Also looking at a local 1952 M100 CDN trailer. This has a tail gate and the usual cancer but $300 may not be bad (any opinions?) Enjoy the pics

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Love the Grizzly! That will be a very cool APC when you get done. Even cooler is that it has a battle history to go along with it. Congrats.


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Nice finds! Couldn't help noticing the Brinks truck in one picture, was that for the payment? :lol: Wayne
Checked out the Grizzly last night. Needs a lot of work but do-able. The biggest headache may the pile of spagetti hanging from the driver's panel. Engine looks good but needs to be totally reconnected and new hoses (Some were cut) We will try to get her running for spring. This is our winter focus. Engine/ brakes, and tires. Then the cosmetiics and missing external parts. Interior was virtually mint. Time to dig out the old work boots

Smith out


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