5 ton vs 2.5 frame differences?

Csm Davis

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if you are going to use a 5.9 go with a duece. A m818 weighs in at 22k and thats the lightest 5 ton
Actually the 931A2 is lighter than 20k and I would say a older 5 ton with the multi fuel and singles might be even lighter. The 809 series are some of the heaviest.

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Ok, back to the original question.

My 5ton frame is 9x3”od, by 5/16” thick. Assuming Tobys dimensions are outside, and correct, in the grand scheme of things I wouldn’t call 1” taller and 1/16” thicker x2, way heavier. If your already dead set on 5ton axles, that little bit of weight doesn’t sound worth tearing a second truck down just for a small weight savings. Why not just stay with the pickup frame, if the trucks just going to be an old school monster truck, and not see any real abuse? I think even 2-1/2 ton axles would suite your application, but if it where me I would go with csmdavis idea and just throw the Ford cab on an m939a2 tractor and call it excellent. Then again I do weird things...IMG_7610.JPG

snowtrac nome

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My thoughts on the subject are weight and tractive force of the tires are going to require a big motor to see any performance what you need to get that thing going is torque. if it was me I think I would go duce frame, 5 ton axles and 8.3 cummins.that would be the best compromise between torque and weight. Also consider lmtv axles they have final reduction in the hubs which means less weight in the pumpkin and axle shafts and more clearance at the differentials.
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