50% more heater demister efficiency

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Well we attended the first event of the season, it was raining and cold. (so what). Just a few hardy members showed up, actually about 20 which we thought was rather good. Then it stared snowing and settling, So, after the obligatory 'free burger and coffee' (well cheese and onion for me ( with pepper, salad cream and mustard!)) We fire up and set off home. It was snowing heavily, but no worries for me, as I was in the M45 530C I simply turned on " Both heaters!"... this truck has two heaters, one for demist and one for people.
The accompanying truck (m35A2) slowed further and further behind, so I stopped and , Lo, the driver had about 2" of clear screen!. So my co pilot rode back and acted as snow clearer.
So, this led me to wonder why (in addition to self popping off handbrakes etc) the designers placed the intake pipes to the heater assembly 'squished flat on these trucks where they are doubled up inside the side cover on 2 1/2 and 5 ton trucks.
There was but a whisper of air previously on my trucks..but they now have 'hurricane' demisters..
Thought I'd share my modification with the members in colder wetter clime's.
Simply put..I move the intake back level with the heater intake fan. (cut a new intake hole)
A short tough wired and 'expanding' sprung pipe connects STRAIGHT to the heater intake.
There is a flange on the heater and the cowl that accepts the ends of the wired (SHORT) plastic pipe,
The side cover can be lowered and raised no problem.
The heater and the demisters now blow full hard hot air to do their 'job/s'.
Just another safety job to occupy me the workshops winter days.
And of course There are various ways to 'carry out' the modification...Hang 2..I will go take pictures....to give the general idea..
To finish the task I will mount the intake cover with nuts and bolts tomorrow. (As I 'glassed' the side cover flange on).


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