804 won't turn over, new batteries, pump pulls prime, just a "click".

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Huntsville, Texas
I have an MEP-804B (??) Fermont 15Kw generator with the yanmar turbo diesel. I changed all the fluids and filters, bought two new batteries and a couple of missing gauges. Got everything ready, hit the starter and all I get is a "click" from the left driver's side firewall. It looks like a contactor/solenoid, but I can't find the part in the manual to get a replacement. I've not yet tried jumping the starter, in case this is some kind of safety shutoff. Anyone know what the starter solenoid looking thing is on the driver's side firewall?


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Probably a start relay. Starter circuits are fairly easy to test. Need a diagram meter and a helper.

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West greenwich/RI
Try taking a look at the wiring schematic and the part in question. I'm not that familiar with the 804 but most other sets have identifiers that help you determine what things are. See if it's got a K* label near it.
Sounds like either you starter or glow plug relay.... if a yanmar turbo even has glow plugs.
If it's the start relay it's very simple to verify if you have power coming out to the starter when it clicks.
If you are getting power out of the relay and to the starter solenoid, next thing to check is good connections on the main power and ground battery leads at the starter. Last thing would be to test the starter itself. This is pretty easy to do ( on most machines ) by simply touching the solenoid trigger wire to any 24V power, such as the main battery wire and see if it cranks.


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Have you looked at the starter troubleshooting procedure in the TM?:

"SYMPTOM - Continued Engine does not start (slow starter motor assembly rotation or no starter motor assembly rotation) - Continued. MALFUNCTION Starter circuit defect. CORRECTIVE ACTION 1. Check starter motor assembly cables/connections for looseness/corrosion; tighten/clean as required. 2. Temporarily connect starter motor assembly SWITCH terminal to battery positive terminal: a. If starter motor assembly spins, starter motor assembly is operating properly; troubleshoot starter motor assembly circuitry (end item configuration manual). b. If starter motor assembly does not turn, starter motor assembly is defective; replace as required (WP 0019 00)."


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Burgkunstadt, Germany
Before you go ordering parts..............

Do you have all the TM's downloaded from SS TM forum? You cant troubleshoot, without info. So if you haven't downloaded them, do so. Then read the troubleshoots diagram. There are 3 levels. Start with the first level, and go from there.

BUT the first thing you need to do is try the S10, Dead Crank Switch. The S10 bypasses everything, and goes straight to the K2 cranking relay. Its mounted inside the right side, rear top door. Clearly marked. The K2 is the relay that give the voltage to the starter.

Push the S10 to the crank position, will the motor spool over, or not. When you can tell us that, then we can tell you what direction to go with troubleshooting. If the engine turns over with S10, then you know the starter is good.
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