After market seats or alternate seats for HMMWV / m998 ?

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Actually I did and most refer to a Pacifica. I was asking about take outs from a caravan. They seem to be different seats to me.
Same questions here. There is a wrecked 2005 Caravan near me with leather seats. The whole van is $400. Thinking of buying it just for the seats, then taking the rest of it to the scrap yard.
I've been scouring the internet for measurements on Caravan seats, but not found any yet.

BTW, someone mentioned earlier, here's the article on seat options for HMMWVs

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Gear Report, I went ahead and bought the caravan seats and the fit just fine. Had to Fab a riser for the drivers seat thought. Mine came out of the second row captains seat of a 2017 I believe.


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I got my Smittybilt seats off of Fleabay for 89.00 ea. shipped, not as durable as the military seats but look like they will do OK

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Jays is the guy's name (not sure if it is short for Jason) but he has two main types of seats available, those from a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica and from 2016 Chrysler Pacificas. He gets these from a local shop that does handicap conversions on vans and they gut the second row seats for the conversion. I have installed the 2017 seats in 4 Humvees now and they work great. The 2017 seats require support bars and bolts to be welded on to the seat frame. I've got a local fab shop in Yuma that does it for $20 a seat - super cheap and they do a great job. The 2016 seats have a sliding bracket that has the mounting bolts already in the bracket and they do not require welding of support brackets. When it comes to the passenger seat over the battery box, I have purchased the seat stiffener plate used for the commander seats and mount the seats to the lid. The seats fold flat and are super easy to remove from the passenger seat and rear seats (these bolt right up to the seat box lids in the back). I have posted pics earlier in this thread of the fab work for the welding of the support brackets and bolts on the seats. If you use the right type of welder, you don't have to take the seat apart to avoid the sparks from melting the material. I can post some additional pics later this week when I install another set of seats in another Humvee.
Any contact information of this guy???
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