Allison Code 2511 Output Speed Sensor/ M1078

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Hello folks:
I am having a real time navigating the Steel Soldiers site. Please, I need help. (My Daddy would agree)
My problem is a truck in limp mode stuck in 2nd gear range, has a code of 2511 Output speed sensor. I am familiar that this sensor will do just that from other vehicles I have worked on. Location of the sensor I need verification. They are generally located at the rear of the shaft but this is where you have a transfer case bolted, and it appears that the sensor is located on the transfer case lower passenger side of the case. I have read that the number on the sensor is [FONT=Segoe UI, Segoe UI Web (West European), Segoe UI, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, Roboto, Helvetica Neue, sans-serif]29505601. Are there 2 different speed sensors as in one for Transmission and one for Vehicle Speed? Is it best to service the transmission at the time of doing this sensor, that is do you need to drain the oil to get to location?
Would appreciate the assistance,
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