Another MEP-802 standby generator thread


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is your connection to the breaker on your house panel through a 30 amp 4 wire receptacle which is connected to the generator via your 10/3 with ground cord ? this would rely on the house panel to bond the generator neutral and frame. If you started the generator to use the gfci receptacle on the unit without having the house panel plugged in where would the ground be for the gfci to function properly
Correct. The generator is always plugged in to the L14-30 outlet in my case so ground always has continuity.

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if your system main bonding jumper, connection of grounded conductor with grounding conductor, is located in your house service panel, first means of disconnect, why can't your power supply from the generator use 3 conductors, two hots and a neutral similar to the utility feeder that attaches to your house. both of these sources would have a jumper connecting the metal enclosures they are in to the neutral to protect from shock . the ground rod attachment would also be connected at this point. this set up would eliminate parallel current flow and still provide short circuit protection for the generator and its frame and the installation using a 3 conductor cord would cost less
NEC doesnt allow that in new installs, thats only done in grandfathered applications now. Current code does not allow the ground to be used as a current carrying conductor.

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