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Speaking of tires & wheels, he’s been doing quite a bit of good work researching which tires/wheels to use on my M870A1 that are ditching the spoke hubs for 8-lug hub pilots. He’s searched the nether reaches of the interwebs to find the right parts to swap on in place of the Daytons (seals, brakes, brake actuators, bearings, etc...) as well as burned up time on his phone calling scrap yards to find useable wheels at good prices that can be used...8-lug 22.5 wheels aren’t something you run across every day.

The M870A1 is proving to be a tad difficult to swap hubs on to be rid of Dayton wheels; swap kits that were in circulation 20-30 years ago are rare as hen’s teeth now. The 870A1 axles are of a proprietary design that don’t lend themselves readily to a an axle swap either (it can be done but with a fair bit of fabrication). So Wes has done yeoman’s work in finding the proper parts to convert the hubs to newer hub-piloted ones.

But why? As he said, good luck finding a tire guy to work on Daytons these days...10R15s are more expensive and not as prevalent as 255/70R22.5s. It’s a great upgrade, and I’m so thankful that Wes is doing this for me and I don’t have to go crazy trying to figure it out myself.

Wes was also kind enough to have picked up the 870 for me after winning it at auction, then having two sizes of kingpins fabricated since mine was missing either (of course). The wiring was shot, the lights were inop, the air hoses were cracked and/or missing, the brakes were out of adjustment, the list goes on...yet Wes resolved each one of these issues and by the time I get the 870 in my hands it will be like a brand-new lowboy. I can’t thank Wes enough for all of his hard work and dedication; it is appreciated more than he knows.

And of course I’m in no rush to get it delivered, so he’s free to use it for as long as he wants or has parking space for...if it helps him out by using it for as long as he wants, so much the better...I’m a long ways off from being ready to use it myself, but the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Thank you Wes!! (y)(y)(y)
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