Anyone know where I can get parts for a 1954 GMC XM 215 dump

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Hello. I need some parts for my 1954 GMC XM215 dump. The parts I need are the dump accessory drive (at least the shaft inside it- mine was bent). This part drives the hydraulic pump for the dump. I also need the end plate for the accessory drive. The accessory drive bolts to the top of the winch PTO. The tankers also had some of the same parts. All the shafts to drive the hydraulic pump and winch would also be nice. A nice solid dump bed would be nice too. A gas tank and straps would also be helpful (the truck tractors were the same). So far this is my wish list- I have no idea if I can afford it. I have some parts or can get parts for the 1950s GMCs M211s and 135s so I would be willing to make trades. I have a number of shipping accounts including a couple freight so I can ship some heavy items also for very decent rates. Any help would be appreciated. I have the Tm for all the part #s if anyone needs a hand. I'll try to attach a picture of my truck. Sorry it was dark out when I took the picture. By the way does anyone know what this thing is worth? Thanks. Robert


Spotsylvania, Virginia
M215 Dump truck parts

Hello John,
Good luck on finding those parts, I took me about 4 years to find the items needed to restore mine. Check the G503 forum under 2.5 ton trucks. last year a guy in New England (CT?) was selling a complete M215 in very good condition and a parts M211 package deal $2000-2500. I have his contact information, PM me and I'll forward it to you. Check out Ebay #4627845788
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