Aussie early m35 ex USMC Okinawa

Hi guys newbie in Perth Western Australia,im posting this for my son .he has an early USMC 3rd? marine division m35 with ( m36 in frame number?) .
It has the caltrop symbol and radio comm on the doors and USMC 186048 on the side of the hood,m36366 frame number ,we think its a REO manufactured at south bend by Studebaker going by its chassis no system used by Studebaker up till 1963 ish.How it arrived in Australia is a mystery to us but we do know it had a VERY hard life as a drill rig here in W.A. and has been repowered with a perkins 6354 diesel at some stage but with the lack of pumpkin hole in side panel we assume it was early petrol/gas powered.Most of orig driveline still in place including winch still in situ ,the torque rod bushings are absolutely flogged out to the point that nothing is really holding them in place and he will be looking for points of contact regarding a LOT of parts.My son Colin has rebuilt the cab tub and front mudguards/fenders and still has to rebuild the doors,it does have a roughly made fibreglass top.
Our question is to anyone who may be able to help is that there are no longer any data plates on vehicle (Aussies are good at scoring souveneirs) and we would like to see if at all possible an actual year of manufacture.
If any one is interested we can put some pics up. John


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I'd be interested to see it, particularly the markings. I keep a reference file on Marine Corps markings.


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G'day everyone,....

As a fellow aussie I am interested, you can get new data plates made for your truck I had a couple done to replace the original sun bleached plates on mine.

Would love to see pictures of what you have and any parts, you can still get most parts even its off a truck being stripped for its parts.

You'll be surprised whats out there.

As always, we would love pictures.



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Welcome from Missouri! Great looking start for a project.
Looks to have a lot of the drivetrain. Even for the truck being used for another purpose.
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To answer your question: (Credit David Doyle)

Lansing-built trucks
Trucks built in Lansing, Michigan, carry data plates reading Reo Motors, Reo Division of White, Lansing Division of White. These trucks have six-digit all-numeric manufacturer’s serial numbers, which in addition to appearing on the cab data plate, are also embossed in the truck frame rail under the front fender.
South Bend-built trucks
Initial production of the G-742 trucks in South Bend, Indiana, was undertaken by Studebaker in the 1950s. These trucks also have six-character manufacturer’s serial numbers, but the first character is the letter “M”—followed by five numbers.
This was the pattern used on the South Bend-built trucks up until Kaiser-Jeep bought the Studebaker Chippewa Avenue truck plant (formerly an aircraft engine plant) in February 1964.
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