Aussie f3 tanker

What is this truck? Pretty neat looking.
Gday Bulldogger,that is an Ex Australian army 1973 F1 International GS 6x6,commonly known to most as an ACCO although the civilian trucks were International Harvester ACCO ( AUSTRALIAN CONSTRUCTED CAB OVER) the army ones were never officially called that.
20181126_175102.jpg20181126_175315.jpg20190302_112828.jpg F1 was general service,f2 was a tipper,f5 wrecker they started life in 1959 as 4x4
The last photo shows us recovering a tipper,which is in a very sad state but has some good bits and pieces.
My son now owns the cargo bodied one which is only missing its troop seats and hood bows etc,it is pretty much original otherwise,they ran 12.00x 20 single tyres,twin carb six cylinder petrol,5spd main 2spd joey box with Hi/Lo and a mid mount 20.000lb winch for front or rear use.
tipper bodys could fit troop seats ,bows,canvas etc as well,there is an excellent You tube video called-_AACO army Acco complete- as well as numerous photos etc as well.Trucks ran thru mk 1 mk2 mk3 and 4 ,there is a lot of conjecture on meaning of AACO and some of the mk Nos like mk5 etc and their variants by various people but take from it what you will.
Apparently there was a F3 tanker,F4 breakdown as well but i have never seen any official pics or info.
This particular truck missed out on Vietnam service as Australia pulled out in 1972.
Hi guys,i have just returned from travelling a large chunk of OZ.We went up WA.s west coast thru Broome ,Derby ,Wyndham.Kununurra, then in to the Northern Territory to Darwin,Katherine,Mataranka,Alice springs then Past Ayres rock(Uluru) thru the Great Central Hwy back to Kalgoorlie then home to Perths hills.Many of the northern towns would have meaning to a lot of Ex U.S servicemen as many were based here during WW11 in USAAF and naval roles including those caught on the first bombing of Darwin in Feb 42.Nine out of ten American p40s were downed on that day as well as the sinking of USS Peary just to mention a few.You would not read about it,the VERY day i went to check on a Diamond T 980 that i had seen 34 yrs ago in Kununurra it had just been loaded on to a flatbed truck bound for Broome and eventual restoration,i missed out on recovering a starter motor and good hood side panel by 1 day.On the bright side we discovered the remains of two M35s both same 54 vintage as my sons one laying derelict in the bush 3miles out of town,we dutifully removed some good parts but only what i could carry in my already overloaded toyota troopy ,but had to leave some good heavy items such as gearbox,diffs,transfer box behind.
Hi guys been a bit quiet on here lately but have made excellent progress in the past few months.
Will get my son to load some pics shortly.
I dont know if i have asked before but is there any way to find the original hood registration numbers by the chassis number,as it is coming down to the time to paint the stencils soon.
CCKW 353 125561-2
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