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When I was stationed at Fort Benning my unit had to support the Bradley Officers Course.

Once every cycle the new "Bradley Commanders" had to swim the vehicle across Victory Pond.

This entailed erecting a "Swim Vane" that was supposed to keep the vehicle from taking on water and sinking.

We would take an M916 and lowboy out there and stand by to recover them if they sank (and they often did when the swim vane collapsed). We just winched them out backwards and pulled them up on the lowboy so we could take them back to the maint area.

Before the vehicle hit the water we would ask the vehicle commander if he wanted to go ahead and hook the winch cable to the pintle on the Bradley before they sank. If they sank we just reeled them in like a fish.

This usally pissed them off and they would decline....if the vehicle sank they then had to dive under water to hook it up.

We usually took a cooler and made a day out of was just too much fun watching those officers get soaked. I always volunteered to take my truck out there.

I did get to drive one of them once....pretty cool ride but I never liked being cooped up in a tin can.


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It's a funny film clip; a lot of military (and even civilian) engineering development spirals are like that.

But a lot of that clip is made up for comic effect...the Bradley's list of requirements was mostly driven by an effort (successful or not) to counter the Soviet BMP-1...which already had a turret, main gun, an AT missile launcher, firing ports for the troops and swimming capabilities.

Of course, the Russkies got away with the super-low profile by screening their armor crewmen for height..."you must be under line to ride in this IFVski, comrade". :mrgreen:
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Of course, the Russkies got away with the super-low profile by screening their armor crewmen for height..."you must be under line to ride in this IFVski, comrade". :mrgreen:
Having run a BMP some I can attest to that statement. At a whopping 5' 6" I am at the top end of what will fit in a russian armored vehicle. (T34, T55, BMP) My poor friend who owns these jewels is about 6' 2" and has some problems getting his legs in places they can get out of. On the other hand the russians did some good work on the vehicles and I can understand why the US Govt was anxious to insure they had something comparable. Just wish they'd put air conditioning in the darn things. They do have heat but its not worth a **** when you need it....just when you don't.



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I was standing next to the Bradley mock up from that movie back in February. The Defense Department thought it was real and sent inspectors to confiscate it. It's probably for sale if anyone ever wanted it.



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All this Bradley bashing:-( I actually opreated 3 different versions over about 15 years in peace and in war, seemed like a good vehicle to me. The M242 Bushmaster 25mm cannon is one of the best weapon systems this country has ever produced!


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The guys I know that crew'd them all seemed to like the Bradley. I have no personal experience with them, however.

I saw that movie with the mock up Bradley in it. It was a pretty stupid movie if I recall. Anyone know what the base vehicle was for that VisMod?
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