Blown Hub Seal?

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Temple, Tx
Can you send pics of the plugs when you get them? I need to plug mine as well.
will do. I just went to the local hydraulic place, figuring its an or ms, but come to find out, its british pipe thread. Its just a plug like for a hydraulic line, with an oring groove on it.
i had him order 4 for me. Just dont know what to put in the front hubs as a plug.


Indianapolis IN
I put it all back together today. I "think" I put the inner seals in correctly. They seemed loose under the locking ring. I also made another mistake and put the inner race in the hub before I put the hub spacer in but since I am not using CTIS I was told it was not needed. I packed the bearings by hand with Red N Tacky and put it on. I torqued the inner nut as tight as I could with a 3/4" breaker bar, spun the hub, torqued again, spun, then backed it off. I then spun it again, torqued it lightly then backed it off until only slightly more than finger tight. I then gorilla tightened the outer nut. New flange gasket and put the tire on. I will drive it tomorrow and see how I did. Boyce had the correct hub plug for where the CTIS went into the hub. I will pull all the other wheels and re-pack the bearings as soon as I can.
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