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Not sure if anyone has experienced this before but my 1992 M998 has an annoying clicking/knocking noise that I isolated to the front brake pads, seems like the right front. From what I can see when the rotors are turning the pads on my right front move up and down vertically. This causes a clicking noise from the pad hitting the body of the caliper. Not sure how to stop it from floating up and down. It's annoying to hear driving around at low speeds and worries me that there is too much friction causing unnecessary brake wear.
Maybe it's best to replace the rotors and pads and see if that helps.

I've observed and duplicated the sound with the front end lifted off the ground and rotating the wheels, watching it with my own eyes.

Yes there does seem to feel some warping in the rotors when pressing the brakes.

I've also observed a small leak of brake fluid from the right front caliper but can't tell exactly where it's coming out from. Its so small it doesn't usually leave any signs on the ground depending how long it stays parked.

Any suggestions on replacement caliper vs rebuild kits? Where to buy rebuild kit? Anyone every look up on Rockauto under hummer for brake caliper? They have lots to chose from.

I'm leaning towards just replacing the caliper, rotor and pads all at the same time.

Can I use a 1992 hummer h1 brake caliper for 1992 Humvee?

Thanks for your help.

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