Bringing diesel generators back into service?

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Given the nature of this forum you will receive the most helpful and prompt support starting with the Military gensets. After all, Guyfang used to sleep on top of running MEP-004's 005's and can probably trace their schematics in his sleep...:sleep:

Now, regarding those other non-military behemoths... I think you'll be lucky if anyone steps up with any meaningful advice unless they have actual experience servicing or working on them. Dealing with those levels of machines and their electrical output 300kW/480V/451Amps etc.... well, they are downright intimidating unless you know exactly what you are doing. No room for error dealing with that level of horsepower and electrical output.
Chainbreaker is so right here, the 300kw machine with Detroit Diesel, that at the least is a 450Hp engine or was at one time, more likely 530 or so Hp, not that, that is a fear factor, its just a caution and beware, and im just sure that all steel skid tank interior is very clean and no rust or anything, just pure as the driven snow. I'm not seeing the logic in "putzing" around with the 300kw machine for several reasons, is it needed, how will you prove it 'really' is working, we are well past the typical half ass load bank efforts we use here for the smaller sets, using a tank of water and some heating elements wont cut it, neither will using a couple of kitchen stoves and a clothes drier, i dont see any control scheme not main breaker no CT's no Governor no monitoring ability at least not seen and i suspect functional, that was an indoor set designed to blow the hot radiator flow away and out of the building location, skip the 300kw ..for the smaller Kato/Hatz air cooled, it has a control box and maybe the remmanents of the original control/monitoring scheme, but still its a pretty big step with a big effort.. all this said, i'd go for the low hanging fruit, you got a decent shot at results and making something useful soon and a wealth of support and easy parts to source and or substitute, and you can make these sets even more useful and into 1 phase machines, not just exclusively 3 phase. likely you can take the Marathon and Kato and make 1 phase power, but ? really, that much capability, lets dont waste our breath and effort.. my views anyhow, the 004 would be my direct effort, even you have stated your
boss is 'flighty' my words, and might well pull or change your work direction likely on seeing you work and the cost Vs. the effort and loose interest in the protracted effort to get the bigger machines going.. best: mac/mc


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If your really going to start with the KATO take some close up pictures & post. As it is "I think" I see something missing/disassembled.
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