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I been doing my research on the BTR 60 and BRDM 2, but I noticed someone said that the BTR 60 can't be made street legal because of its width, but I also got information from which said they can get plates for a BTR 60. Do anyone have any experience of making a BTR 60 street legal. Also is there any BTR 60 owners in here that can tell me how reliable these vehicles are, how hard are they to drive, and is it possible to swap the 2 engines for a 5.9 cummings or another diesel engine? Also what is the top speed on these vehicles if I actually do manage to get it street legal?

Also, I'm talking about getting plates for this vehicle in the United States, and to be more specifically with the state, I'm in Louisiana.


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As the maximum width for US roads is 9-6 they're wrong. A BTR60 cannot be legally driven on US roads.

A BRDM2 can.

I registered a BRDM2 previously.

BTR60s are reliable vehicles but reliable for an AFV is different than a car. You can replace them with a single diesel but it involves some work. Most people just keep the two gas engines since the system works well enough and is designed that way.


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The BTR-60 CAN be driven, BUT you will have to purchase an oversized load permit for each trip (up to 3 days) per state. Stay in-state and you can drive for 3 days, then will have to fork up another $50. Driving it from LA to GA for the Rally this year would cost $200 for the permits to get there and another $200 for the permits to get home. It's your money!
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