Changing axle hub oil

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Herriman UTAH
I watched MAdams's video about changing the axle hub oil and I saw he had water in his. I got worried so I thought I had better change my hub oil too. I really just wanted to see what was in there. Not water I hope!

Well, the good news is no water. The bad news is that all 6 hubs had some yellow stuff in the gear oil. It looked like copper or sand.


I made an "oil ramp" out of aluminium foil and duct tape. I saw in the video that MAdams uses a funnel with a bungee cord. On my oil ramp, the duct tape stopped sticking after 3 wheels because oil got on the duct tape. So then I just crammed a rag under the ramp to hold it there.

Here is a close up of the yellow stuff. I felt it but it did not feel like sand or copper filings. It was very fine. It was not hard but more like a soft material of some kind. I will change the hub oil again this summer and I hope there is no more yellow stuff in there.


Karl kostman

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Fargo ND
Jon there is something in there I cant tell you if its bad or not but I would be willing to bet that if you change it now and again this coming fall that will take care of it and would also bet there will be no ill effects to the hubs!


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San Dimas, CA
Jon, interesting find for sure. There is a bronze bushing that the axle 1/2 shaft sun gear rides on but that seems like a odd place for wear. I love the aluminum tape idea. Curious what the outside temp was, that oil looks thick.
I didn't film the 1st or 2nd oil change on my hubs but here is #3
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