Changing SEE Tires

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northern nh
I had to break down and mount two SEE tires this week to finally get my Pirellis mounted. It took me about 1/2 hour each with the right tools. The big key is tire lube. On the first one I forgot to lube up the rim and the impact driven tool to pull the tire off the rim would not touch it. I gooped up the rim and the tire bead and it came right off. I went to reseat one of them using ether and it popped right one first try while the second one would not. Based on other folks recommendations I ordered a 10 gallon bead blaster from Amazon with two heads. One is the standard nozzle and the other is a long curved nozzle with multiple holes for larger diameter tires. I filled it up with air and hit the valve and it popped right on. I haven't used the single nozzle style but have heard they have a bit of kickback, the curved nozzle didn't have much at all.

Since its at least two one hour plus drives to the nearest place that has the equipment to change tires and usually a couple days wait for them to get around to changing them, its worth buying the tools to me. Even with regular tires, the local regular tire dealers have figured out that folks can buy tires online so they make their profit on tire changes and balancing. I don't have balancing equipment but can use ceramic beads. It may take a few years to pay off the tools so it makes sense to me. I have a set of 4 Bronco tires that will be arriving soon so expect I will get more practice.

Note the tools I have are fine for steel wheels but not suitable for alloys. The biggest damage is from the Esco bead breaker tool, it has to dig into the paint on the rim to clamp on.
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