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Barney?? Remember...he only has one bullet...and that's in his shirt he can't hurt himself...or someone else.roflroflroflrofl


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Look this site is NOT to pimp your own ****. You idiots coming in here to simply make a buck are gonna ruin everything, I payed my dues and got my posts before I listed stuff for sale. And I enjoyed every minute of my time on here earning my right to sell something.

Whoever on here purchased the item from this guy is no better than him, congradulations on prevokeing more of this to happen. I'm no mod but if I was my BAN stick would be swingin like crazy at these clowns.

You sold your crap now GTFO!!!
This Classified situation really shakes folks up. I see why I got so much repremand when I inquired about the value of my goat. That said it didnt cross my mind to post staight to the Classifieds. There should be limited access to classifieds if your below the quota. I see things somewhat different now. I wouldnt stress yourself over this the moderator have a good handle and are good at squaring away the lower enlisted.:cookoo:

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Would it help if we went back to trying to up the post count??? Here, I'll start:

Oh boy, here we go again....:cookoo::wink:[thumbzup]:jumpin::lol:

And this: rofl(for the purpose of this thread actually being funny, lol.)

I would like to think the mods have it under control (not that they don't) and everything will work itself out eventually. Yeah we'd all like to see some changes, but you simply cannot please everyone. I'm neutral, I got nothing to sell. Hehe.
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Does anyone adminstrate the ads? I just looked and saw three civilian vehicles for sale.

Classified Ads: These free ads are for the benefit of our membership. To encourage forum participation, and discourage people from joining just to post a free ad, a minimum of 100 posts will be required before a user can place an ad. They are subject to final approval by staff. Do not post commercial advertising. Commercial advertising is a pay-per-ad service. Please email the webmaster if you would like to post a commercial/vendor ad. Please keep all free classified ads military vehicle related. Do NOT post more than 10 ads at any one time. Users with more than 10 ads will have their oldest ads deleted. Members who consistently abuse the system by posting more than 10 ads will have the classified ad privileges revoked.


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I saw two of the ads, and I guess the third went to over the next page. I can tell you I was alarmed when I saw the first one, but then when reading, these people linked it to MVs by offering to trade for a deuce or a M818 and trailer or some other OD green machine they wanted to get into when they rid themselves of unused vehicles for the newer playtoys. I think it's gonna be OK if it is a trade for a MV, helping them get into the circuit of green machine owners.
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