Collapsible/temporary passenger seat


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So, it's not that I'm anti-social, but my passenger seat is probably empty 99% of the time. Ok, maybe I'm a little anti-social.

Has anyone ever heard of/seen a temporary vehicle seat? Something that can be broken down and stored away or collapses in some way - function over comfort. I will still have the seat belt posts there.

Anyways, I can think of other things to put in that space, namely a dog bed and cat tower and was thinking that there are times when I still may need to carry a passenger, more or less, in a safe way. In case you're wondering, I would set up cargo netting between me and the passenger side to keep the animals (and maybe passenger) wandering. This will be during the time I have my camper built, so the dog & cat can go there if I have a passenger.
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