Confused on Q1, Q2, 104A, and 105A wires


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I’m putting back together a 10k MEP 803A generator and I’m confused as to what wires connect to F1 and F2 on the generator head. The old wires were burned to a crisp and I didn’t get the chance to see what they were labeled as and where they were attached. Any assistance would be great. The P5 have 4 wires in there that’s labeled with all 4. I think 104A and 105A goes to the head of the generator but I’m not sure.


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Q1 and Q2 are in the large bundle of wires that run from the gen head and go to the P5 connector. From the TM it appears the Q1 & Q2 wires from the gen head have wire terminals on them. I can't see my P5 connector well but it looks like it may have a pair of mating contacts on two short wires near the back of P5. They are covered in white sleeving so I can't tell for sure.

The stator will have 12 wires that are the outputs from the 6 windings. Those wires normally have terminals on them and get connected to the TB3 terminal block. The remaining four wires in the bundle are the F1, F2, Q1 and Q2 wires. In my set those 4 wires are zip tied together after they exit the gen head and head toward P5.
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