cost of ownership (the real cost of a deuce)


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Fredericksburg, Virginia
I just bought my first MV from GL about a month ago. I spent 2,701 (plus buyers fees).So about 3 grand. I had it transported to my home for $800 to find out that it runs great! Good batteries and brakes work nicely. 2900 miles on the ODO and 210 hours on the engine. New canvas, had all the troop seats still intact in it and everything works. I haven't tried the winch yet (but I will soon) and can't drive it except around the neighborhood until I get the SF-97 form from GL. I figure I will spend money on fluids, filters, registration,insurance, taxes, etc but in all I think I was very lucky. I love this thing!!! BTW, it's a 1971 M35a2 with a whistler turbo.:lol::lol:


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Flat Top W.V.
Started out just under 4k from a indivdual in SC. Foolishly drove it home to WV. NO PROBLEMS !! I had never driven or turned a wrench on one. God looks after drunks and fools, I don't drink. Since then 2k miles in 6mo. Daily Driver (work, church, daughters wedding, etc.) Tires, brake parts, odds and ends. I don't keep accurate tally but this evening I cranked out 30 bucks worth of WMO in my tank.
Got somewhere around 5500 to 6k invested. Do it again? YES! Worth it? Absolutely! Do it differently? Probably.


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Dallas, Texas
well, ok the cost of the truck..

4000 from a dealer
500 for S-280
125 for cold weather 'bra'
1000 for hardtop, windshields
600 for two 11.00x20 18-wheeler tractor steer tires new
3500 for onboard diesel genset
150 for one window A/C units for S-280
700 spent building the other, larger one myself
250 for an 11.00x20 tire new
375 for 5 11.00x20 tires new
120 to build civvy trailer hitch unit
200 paint
125 pyro
100 pyro labor
45 boost gauge
100 flame heater detector kit
200 batteries
40 cab lights
500 large gps
370 for the Nd:YAG laser
$5000 estimated on communications gear incl. (military commercial and ham) cables, batteres, Vanner EQ, switchgear, etc. in the S-280
125 new fluorescent lighting
300 steel spin on filter adapters
300 preluber
750? air o matic steering
550 lock out hubs

truck 3750
recovery 500
M109 box 750
lift gate 375
batteries 450
tires 1200
onboard APU, water cooled 2500
hardware for the above 1200
cost of travel and lodging to do the above 1500
transfer case from M939 series 2225
putting it in, about 5100 incl machine work etc, you might do better
Raytheon radar set 550
cab heater 100
and it still has a long, long way to go..
bodywork on 109 box
cab a/c
repair of military a/c units for box
switchgear for 120VAC/240VAC, 12VDC, 24VDC, 392AH of AGM batteries
communications gear, not as extreme as above but more powerful and versatile.
fold down bunk
small sink (maybe)
crapper and shower (maybe)
small flat panel TV, stereo
fluorescent lighting
LED lighting replacing the ceiling lights
hardware for mounting the applicances
hardware for mounting the electronics

The way I see it , it's no more expensive than owning a decent boat and just as profitable when trading up.


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Putnam County, NY
It's a bargin no matter how I figure it.. OK I got my bobbed deuce last week for $5500, put on a new paint job for $20, Soon to purchase some used 395 tires on rims for $1000. So I am at $6520 and could easily get that back if I would want to sell her tomorrow.

So now the comparison to a regular truck.. Something decent to drive 4x4 pickup would be $10-15,000 easy, and that would only go down in value over time.. I need a truck for part time use to pickup lumber and stuff for projects.. A normal truck would rust in a few years and need the normal replacing of "stuff". The gas mileage would be close to the bobbed deuce, however with a WMO filtration system set up, that gives me about half my fuel for free! With diesel at over $4 Gal those costs add up quick. Now if I ever sell the deuce I would get back close to what I spent on her, not so with a conventional pickup that only goes down in value..

It's the best setup for me and the cheapest!!:p

Ditch Baby

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Palm Bay FL
Picked mine up for $1500 from a private owner. He used it as a septic truck. Has no bed on it. Does have a winch that works but needs a new cable.

It was located about 45mins away, pulled it home with my Cummins on a gooseneck trailer.

I have since put about another $1500 in it. Picked up an airshift tcase, drivers door, hood, jpipe, whole wire harness, and turn signal switch/lever thing locally. Installed all of that in my driveway.

had to put a wheel cylinder and master cylinder in it. Need to rebuild the airpack too.

two new windshields.

used radiator for $100. had to fabricate a lower support for it.

new headlights, still need brake lights.

havnt registered it yet due to the brake issues.


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$4000 for street driven M35A2 W/W, turbo multifuel, fair tires, newer batteries, hard top, cab heater, troop seats.

$300 to drive it home from NY.

$212/year antique insurance.

$180 for title and one time antique registration.

No inspection required.

Haven't bought anything else for it YET.

I can see lots of small things in the near future though...10 gal of gear oil, 5 gal of motor oil, fuel pump sending unit, shocks, etc.


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My 109 a4 is already over 10k with purchase, tires, batteries, fluids, o-rings, bulbs and all the other things it already has needed. To say I am over my initial budget would be an epic understatement.

Still some of the best $ I've ever spent. Would do it again in a minute.

Clay James

I put about as money into the front axle and brake system as I paid for the whole truck. That's not including all the other stuff I had to fix. My brakes worked just fine but I figured what the ****, I'll just redo it anyways.

Titanium Soldier

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Mojave California
Reading all the horror stories makes me happy mine went as well as it did, i payed about 2000 out the door from GL in barstow, about 60 miles from its new home. Had a full tank of diesel.. i mean varnish, but **** its a multifuel! 2 new batteries $180. Started it up and gas pedal went right to the floor, i broke the return spring, so i used a bungee cord. Insurance from state farm was $270 every 6 months Registered in NJ (im active duty and can get away with it) 187$. Truck has 27k miles and 430 hours on it, drove it straight home where i parked it to go over it bumper to bumper. Brakes, Lines, belts, wheel cylinders and bearings were all in good shape, the only thing that is going to need fixed sooner or later is the Parking brake, its gettin worn purdy good but its still working for now. So my total was $2637 to get it goin.... And now its getting a bobbed makeover!![thumbzup]

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new smyrns beach fl
i have bought 8 deuces in the last 6 years sold them through a friend in holly hill fla. kept one . the best time is going to pick them up , i like adventure , the best ride was i bought one in mechanicksville pa . got in , drove to new smyrna beach fla 21 hours , wow what a ride ,havent had that much fun since vietnam


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Apopka, FL
Wow, you guys make me feel a lot better. I spent $3,850 on my M35a2, but Dave in Deltona fixed a few things that were wrong with it and drove it to my door.

Then come the ala carte items, like torque bars ($750), 395 MVTs with rims ($2300), troop seats, cover, and the endless trickle of maintenance items and upgrades (e.g. lights).

All and all I think our trucks are a relatively cheap hobby. Just think, if you got a boat, you'd be pouring at least that much, and likely a lot more, into it - plus all the rods, reels, etc. that it would need as well.

Our trucks help pay for themselves with what they can haul and doing tasks around the property that trucks like a F150 cannot do. Prime example was pulling down a 70' red oak with snatch blocks - it laughed at the F150, but the deuce barely felt it. That alone saved me a couple grand as it was right next to our house and it's not the first tree I have felled with the deuce.

See - our trucks don't cost us money, they save us money - maybe one day the wife will buy that line too.



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My 25 year old Duece is cheaper than a 25 year old girlfriend.

That was the way i explained it to my wife and said you pick. . . .

I still got the duece.

rofl rofl rofl

$6,000 for the M35A3 (truck, tax and GL 10%
$1200 ish fluids, filters flushes
$1200 ish spare parts, tools etc
$700 new Hard top in box
$8500 14 new tires for M35A3
3 tanks of fuel in 400 miles, I drive in low range a lot
$700ish for lock outs yet to be purchased and installed
$untold yet to be spent

As I get rid of toys and non essential items, I am guessing the Duece will be the last to go and I might just give it to somebody after I kick the bucket. I'm hopin for a long run but ya never know. cousin's kid and his friends seem to get a big kick out of it so they seem to appreciate it so they could probably can have it when I'm done with it, title signed and here ya go!


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Orange Grove, TX
Lets see,,,
$2Kish on the truck,,
About $700 on torque rod bushings,,
$200 or so for spin on oil filters adapters, Hope to be getting spin on fuel filters this week,,,,,,,,,
Need parking brake cable, Need to adjust/service brakes and bearings,,
And many more things to be done,,,
BUT,,,,, She's mine and I am at my happiest when I am out working on/driving my deuce, So there!:mrgreen:


m35a2 - $3600
repair parts- $400
m342a2- $1200
m35a2- free
cost of fluids and shop time- free
perks of knowing farmers- priceless
Total for motor pool and repairs- $5200
The reason I posted more than one truck is because I spent about as much for all three as some people want for one. Sometimes its who you know that can keep the cost of these puppies down.


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Wyoming, Mich.
My retirement project

The way I look at it , it will keep me from growing moss on my butt and I'll learn a new vocation. Just as important I'll save a bit of history and to me thats worth buying American and in the 6 months I've owned it it hasn't cost much to rehab there wasn't really anything wrong. M109a3 the costs are what a 41 year old deisel would normaly cost 200 every month sometimes more and $6900 to buy it and drive it home.M109A3-  12-10-2012 001.jpgM109A3-  12-10-2012 004.jpgM109A3-  12-10-2012 003.jpgphoto 1[1].jpgM109A3-  12-10-2012 005.jpg


buford ga
I got mine at a great deal. I traded a rare sportbike for it. All and all the truck is perfect. Cab top needs fixed. But id rather replace it with an aftermarket insualated top. And it has an extra tall cargo top. I drove it from alabama just fine. Im planning to get a group together at durham town this year. Please everybody close by come. This truck is not for the novice. BUT it is EXTREMELY FUN and gets alot of attention. Anybody in atlanta feel free to contact me @ Thanks


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Leesburg, GA
Truck was 1045 but did not have good batteries. Drove it 120 miles home. Have since put uprights, bows and rear canvas, replaced front canvas, installed Firestone 11X20's T831's, new airpack and master, 3 new wheel cylinders, new soft top, LED headlights, all fluids changed, spin on oil filter adapters, 2 engine oil changes, spin on primary fuel filter conversion, a few wheel seals. I've not kept a tally on any of this. The truck does pay some of his keep though. He has towed 14 trucks and 12 trailers from the base here in Albany. I average $150 to tow a truck or trailer over 10,000 pounds and $75 to tow a trailer under 10,000#. With all the MK 14 that have sold at my base lately, I'll likely have pulled more trailers than trucks soon. I really have my hands full when they unloaded about 100 M817's all around the same time two years ago. Work your truck, it'll pay for itself. It became a free truck shortly after I purchased it as I bought a second Deuce to service, flip and double my money. That flipped truck is still on the road to this day and I'm still in charge of servicing it for the paper mill that bought it.


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Central Washington State
Mine was $2800. With tax, license, tools and repairs, so far I'm around 4200 with what I currently know is wrong with the truck. That is w/o mods, upgrades etc. And I still haven't driven it. Hopefully I can get it road worthy for under 5k total.

dezert ratt

menifee, ca
I just picked up a m35a2 from a private party. So far I'm $4550 in, and the $50 was fuel for the drive home :)
These trucks are getting harder to find here on the west coast and I'm happy I found one for what seems to be a cheaper price than what I've been seeing...
I just realized I could have put 16.00s on my m818 with that money! Oh well it was worth it.
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