CUCV Fuse Box Layout

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There are some errors in the TM diagram for the CUCV fusebox.

I will attempt to point them out as I find them

Here is a "clean" fuse box with all the proper fuses and labels


2 - Hazard Flasher

3 - not used except for the M1010. The M1010 uses it for Ambulance Accessories

4 - no such fuse the diagram is wrong

5 - 20amp Heater Fuse - Controls the heater. Also controls the GEN1 idiot light, 4x4 light and the Oil Pressure light

6 - 10amp Stop - Controls the regular stop lights and the Blackout stoplights

7 - 30amp Headlight - Controls the headlights and also feeds the stoplight, xxxx lights

8 - 25amp Wipers - Controls the wipers and washer pump - Only fuse that is hot with the key in the ACC position

9 - Flasher - turn signal flashers

10 - not used except for the M1010. The M1010 uses it for the Gas Particulate system.

11 - 15amp Horn

12 - 10amp 24v - Controls the GEN2 light, 24v sides of the GEN2 relay and the voltmeter

13 - 5amp Instrument Lights - Controls the lights for the instrument cluster, heater switch and voltmeter

14 - 30amp Flasher - Controls the hazard and turn signal flashers and the backup lights

15 - 20amp Ignition - Controls 12v side of the Voltmeter and GEN2 relay, transmission kickdown, low coolant and water in fuel light

16 - 20amp Tail Light/Courtesy Lamp - Controls the park lights and the underdash courtesy lamps

17 - 20amp Engine Control - Controls the sealtbelt buzzer, dash lights for the tempeture, low coolant, brake and water-in-fuel. This fuse also supply's power to the GP controller via circuit 39G (diagram E-7)

18 - 5amp Blackout - Controls the B/O markers and B/O headlight

CUCV Fuse Box - All.jpg
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Now to the extra terminals on the box and the fuses that control them and other oddities:

Fuse #12 - Voltmeter

The V/M terminal is hot at all times with 24v. Controlled by fuse #12

CUCV Fuse Box - #12 Voltmeter.jpg

Fuse #15 - Ignition Control

With the Key in the RUN position you will have 12v at the three terminals on the left hand side. Controlled by fuse #15

CUCV Fuse Box- #15 Ignition Control.jpg

Fuse #16 - Marker Lights

With the Service Light switch on you will have 12v. Controlled by fuse #16

CUCV Fuse Box - #16 Tail lights.jpg

Fuse #18 - B/O Lights

With the B/O Switch ON you will have 12v. Controlled by fuse #18



Fuse #5 - Heater

Fuse #5 is a trouble spot. If it goes bad your 4x4 light and the Oil Pressure lights will not work.

Also the GEN1 will no longer work. This is not shown on any diagram in the manual.

CUCV Fuse Box - #5 Heater.jpg

Fuse #8 - Wiper

If you want to use the ACC position of the ignition switch, this fuse is the only one that works in the ACC position. Many members have installed a piggyback fuse and use it to control a relay that powers a new fusebox.

CUCV Fuse Box - #8 Wiper.jpgpiggybackfuse.jpg
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Should M1010 fuse #17 be 20 or 30 amps?

My M1010 came with a 30-amp fuse in #17, Engine Control. The TM and the SS thread below both say that should be a 20-amp fuse for non-M1010 CUCVs. They don't say what the M1010 should have. Is 30 amps correct for this fuse in an M1010, or do I have the wrong fuse installed?

This thread lays out the non-M1010 fuse box.

Page 4-31 of TM9-2320-289-20 also lays out the non-M1010 fuse box, with errors corrected in the SS thread referenced above.

I find several items in my M1010 that I don't find in the TMs or elsewhere on SS:
  • My M1010 has a 25-amp fuse in #3, which I'm told is for Ambulance Accessories,
  • and a 30-amp fuse in #10, for GPFU and A/C.
  • In the TM, #16 is a 5-amp fuse labeled "Courtesy Light". In the SS thread above, it's a 20-amp fuse. In my M1010, it's a 20-amp fuse that also powers the cigarette lighter. As far as I can tell, my M1010 has no courtesy lights, and the TMs don't document the cigarette lighter.

My M1010 came with the following fuses installed:
View attachment 583009


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