Dads first ride in m211 since he was in one back in 50s. 85 years old 24 active serv

USMC 00-08

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Does he have an pictures of the trucks from his Air Force days? Would be neat if he did so you could duplicate the truck markings, etc.


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I was looking for a muffler thread but found this old thread first. Like many old threads on the forum, this old thread feels important.

It looks like this muffler has been around long enough to be used as a stand to paint models, but I can't be sure. Either way we're boxing it up and sending it to Murphy/ NC. The inside of the muffler replicates an original NOS muffler that we cut open. It's basically just two pipes inside.


I apologize for the peanut packaging filler. It turned out all the bubble wrap was used up. If you're careful.....and grab a camera....opening this box could be entertaining for the rest of us. We put a heavy pad at one end, filled it with peanuts, put a booze box at the top, capped with a layer of RC packaging.....then wrapped it with both packaging tape and Duck Tape.....that's right, I said Duck, not duct. We did put tape over the ports to be sure the peanuts didn't get inside but give it a shake just to be sure. The booze boxes will get it there safe.


Here it is at Canada post with a potential 8 day delivery unless more roads and bridges get washed out. It's not the first time a plowboy muffler went south......but it's the first muffler that required a lot of alcohol to be drunk before I could send it away. Keep us posted on its safe adventures.

Fun fact, in the 50's and beyond, Canadian and American Post Offices had very similar designs and many had nuclear fallout shelters built in the basements.

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