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We have a ad for a deslpining service for front hubs from 2 2/1 and 5t trucks, link below, sorry, I do not know how to just put up a named link so posted the true link

Fist off desplined hubs are the way to go UNLESS you have a SPRAG truck, a 39/809 series 5t or a early deuce sprag transfer, The PROBLEM is the SPRAG, double back to back overrunning clutchs which engages when the transfer senses about a 8% slip of the back wheels, in other words, the rears are going faster then the front, this engages the sprag for FWD. With desplined hubs, the sgrag will think the rears are spinning so will engage, this will have the drive shaft and third member turning. there is two ways to fix this,

First is to install the MWO air switch mod that cuts off air to the sprag, this is the best fix for the issue because all you have to do is swap out splined hubs for the unsplined ones and turn on the air to the sprag, this will give FWD in about 1/2 hr.

Second is to remove the front drive line, it will not hurt the sprag to run all the time BUT REINSTALLING the drive shaft and swapping hubs will take more then a 1/2 hr AND laying in the mud to do the drive shaft will not lead to a happy driver.

I do not want anyone to think that I am against DESPLINED HUBS, this is by far the best thing to do to drop out front wheel drive without going to select a matic style hubs and still have FWD if wanted, even these have the SAME sprag ISSUE

I posted this so owner who are thinking about this mod know about the sprag issue, there is NO issue for air shift transfers.
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