Deuce with LDT-465-1D Issues


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First off, hi everyone!! I'm new to the FMV world, but have been driving all kinds of MV's for the past 11 years. But very new to the multifuel engine world. I'm hoping yall can help me pinpoint my issues and make some recommendations. To get yall caught up... about a month ago, I bought a 1968 AM General M35A2 with the Continental LDT-465-1D in it. The truck seemed to be in good shape. I bought it in Missouri, but I'm stationed in Texas. I checked pricing and could not afford shipping, so I decided to try to drive it back... Worked great for a while. Started leaking oil from everywhere, but kept adding to it to keep the levels correct. Then the clutch went out and drove clutchless for a while. Then the motor began to make a knocking sound. Immediately pulled over to check the fluids, pulled the oil cap and white smoke rolled out, but the oil level still read between the 2 and 4 lines on the dipstick. I decided to call it quits then. It was about 50 miles northeast of Oklahoma City, when I stopped and had to fork out the cash for the remaining tow anyway. I think that's all the pertinent info...

OK, so here's what I found so far... Fired it up again prior to the tear down and the knock sounded more like top end noise this time around. But still couldn't pinpoint the location. It is in an outdoor barn with tin walls that echo. ha
Then I drained the oil and found copper flakes. Removed the oil pan and found more copper flakes and noticed a small amount of coolant mixed into the oil. Removed the valve covers and found a sludge mixture of oil, some coolant, and grease, but no copper flakes. Removed the oil filters and found a bunch of copper flakes on top of the filters.
I never found any chunks of any type of metal. There was just an abundance of copper flakes. Didn't feel any obvious "unusual" movement in any of the components, ie. rods, push rods, valve springs, etc.
The coolant in the oil did not mix to the point of white milkiness as in most cases. The oil was still dark brown as is most used oil with no unusual smell. The coolant was staying separate, in little green beads mixed into or beading up on top of the surfaces with oil around it.
I've got my theories, but would love any input and suggestions that yall have to offer. Is a rebuild worth it? Or does anyone know where I can find a reasonably priced replacement? The truck is parked at a friend's house about an hour away. So unfortunately, I cannot simply run outside and take a look at it. I'm planning on heading back out to work on it again this Sunday.
Thanks in advance for any helpful advice and words of wisdom.
- Jimmy Hank - aua


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That knock and copper material found in the oil sounds like bearings to me. Your crank and rods could be shot also. Your block could also have damage if one or more of the mains have spun. It's going to be cheaper to just replace the engine. I sold a good running engine awhile back for $700. You should be able to pick one up in that range.

Since you've already got the pan off, take a couple of main and rod bearing caps off and take a look at the bearings. My bet is they are shot.

I don't know where the coolant came from. Usually bad bearings won't cause a coolant leak until it ventilates tha block.
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The area of the spun brg wil haveturned darker than the rest of the castings. Take a light and look up between the rods and min caps and the crank. You'll see "stuff" peeking out the side of the failed journal.
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