diagnosing alternator output mep-803


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Indeed. The alternator is a Perstolite. Parts are readily available for them inexpensively. I would recommend testing the alternator and repairing it instead of replacing it.

One of the generators I bought had no charging and it was fresh out of Tier 2 reset. I pulled the alternator apart and found diodes on the rectifier board blown apart. They had been installed from the manufacturer incorrectly. I replaced both rectifier assemblies for less than $20. It took a half hour to replace the rectifier assemblies. Photos attached.

Here are some part numbers and what I paid for them to reference if you find you need rectifier parts.

Alternator model Prestolite 8MR3005CA

0180000G98S (rectifier) $13.76
0180000F83S (rectifier) $5.83
0144300F16S (diode assembly) $5.60 (its not likely you need this one. It is included on the 0180000G98S assembly)
Where did you buy the rectifiers? I have a similar problem. Leaky diodes. I can get the diodes but it looks like a real job to get the old out and press in the new.


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I contacted a distributor here in North Carolina and they sold me the parts no problem. You should be able to find one near you . I can't remember if I looked at the Prestolite website for distributors or if I did an internet search. I know it wasn't too hard to find someone willing to sell parts.
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