Diff 5 & 10 KW Libby Diesel Generator- Onin 2 & 4 Cy


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Does anyone know the difference between the 5 and 10 KW Diesel generators ? This is the air cooled 2 and 4 cylinder . I am currious as to look at them the only difference is the engines and one skid is longer to accomedate the longer block . I am interested because I have a new 10 K engine and a complete 5 K unit . I've been looking for a 10 K with a bad engine but I got a deal on a 5 K unit . Bottom line is : Can I swap the 4 cyl for the 2 cyl and thus have the 10 K I want ?


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RE: Diff 5 & 10 KW Libby Diesel Generator- Onin 2 &

I would suspect the generator motor itself is different also. You really can't squeeze 10K out of a 5K generator motor just by adding more horsepower. You might be able to put the 10K engine on the 5K generator motor but it would still only put out 5K.
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