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Hey Doc that's a nice ride! You should enjoy toolin' around in that. I had to put some gorilla tape under my left foot to keep it from trying to push in the clutch. And I still occasionaly find myself reaching up with my right hand to find the shifter handle (instead of reaching down for the auto shifter). I really love my 932.:beer:
Doc, you should convert it into a tractor!


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There is a set of taller stays in service for any M series trucks, But the only cargo covers that were long enough I ever saw had an extra curtain sewn on in the field, never saw a long ( I mean long down the sides) cover, but they sure have the says, I have had a few sets of em, good luck nice truck for sure...
Pickup went of without a hitch everyone at the yard is very accomadating even tho NONE OF THEM WORK FOR G/L. Truck started with a jump and we were off to air up front tires Thanks to Bob i forgot me air gage . Always make a pitstop for fresh fuel and dump in some power service for thatcleaning up of gunck. She runs out someweres around 63 . No shakes or shimmies just a slight whisle for a buzzer and a tinnie rattle once in a while. Also need some new window hinges for the windshields . Man these are a horse . Is there a up dated fuel filter kit for these and a better return spring for accelerater pedal. Shoulda got one of these puppps years ago. Now to start piecin it together and painting her . The tires are brand new even had the nubbers onnnem.
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