Dodge WC 51 - chassis number

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Can anybody help me?
I have a dodge wc 51 .
Body number: 4290-142676.
Chassisnumber: 81529225.
There is also a number on the bumper and i don't know why that is there but it is: n'66162.
And can anybody help me to know what my hood number is and why there is a number in the bumper?
Hola regtar,

81 529 225, It is very likely that your Dodge is a WC-55.

As you very well know, this series, WC-51 to WC-64KD, started with chassis number 81 529 001, and the first units were WC-55.

If this is the case, the military registration number is W-6016297.

B.R., Juan


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Milan, Italy
HI to everybody....

I would stay in the topic with my question: a "WC-51" (by original data plate, Dod aug 11 1944, s/n 81722407, will be compatible with a body tag "4290-138870"?

by the way, frame number is 921681.

thank you!

(ps I suscribed to this forum a while ago,...but I'm not so constant in writing... here, I'd like to help a friend... forgive me then! ;-) )


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Dortmund - Germany
Hello Juan15,

with great interest I read the posts you made. It looks as if you have the knowledge and informations about the Dodge WC. I own a Canadian Dodge which I bought in the Netherlands and during the next month I want to registrate it in Germany. But in the Dutch papers is a mistake. There is written taht the car has been built in 1951. But with the frame number 91 168 850 it mus have been built in 1945 - and of cause the D3/4 APT has only been built in late 44 and 45 with together 11.750 trucks.
My question: Do you have informations to come clother to the correct month? The car is here in Europe very rare and it's difficult to get infos. But one I have: An APT with number 91 167 274 has been built on 8 February 1945. Between this number and mine are 1576 cars. Hm..
Do you know more or do you know somebody who is knowing more?
That would be very helpful. Thanks

Jürgen (Dose)


New member
Hola Jürgen,
I know very little about this model.
Data that we know: Model Built for United States Government: D3/4APT. Engineering Code and Wheelbase: T-236-98.
Starting Serial N., Closing Serial N., Year Built:
91 151 283 - 91 156 282 - 1944. Units: 5.000
91 166 034 - 91 172 783 - 1945. Units: 6.750.
Total units: 11.750
I'm going to do a simple calculation, but Jürgen do not tell anyone, just the two of us. They'll take me for a fool ... well it does not matter (I really am).
91 167 274 - 91 166 034 = 1.240 units to 8 February
Let's see manufacturing days, counting every day of the week except Sunday:
January: 26
February: 24 - 50
March: 27 - 77
April: 25 - 102
May: 27 - 129
June: 26 - 155
July: 26 - 181
As of February 8 we have: 26 + 8 = 34
1.240: 34 = 36,47 units a day.
Your vehicle is 91 168 850. Therefore it is unit 2.816.
2,816: 36.47 = 77,21 days.
Your car was delivered on March 31... Torero!, Torero!, Torero!
If we do the full calculation, this model was finished at the end of July 1945.
Do not throw me the bulls, I run out.
Regards, Grüße,


New member
Reviewing the above, I see that I made a mistake: Until February 8 there are 33 days and not 34....26 + 7 = 33

Therefore: 1.240 : 33 = 37.6 units per day.

2.816 : 37,6 = 74,9...75 days.

Therefore your car is delivered on March 29, 1945 :3dAngus:


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Dortmund - Germany
Hey juan15, you made my day. I never ever got an answer which I was laughing so much about. The whole day I had it mind : Torero!, Torero!, Torero! Really great!!! And of cause that applies to all the other informations you sent. If there won't be more than 1421 kilometers between us I just would come around to have a beer :naner:. I keep you informed about the things which will happen.

Best regards

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