Drove the old XM211 to Cars and Coffee for the first time.

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Portland Oregon
It hasn't been driven much at all the last 10 plus years. Of course, still have things to do to it, some of which we started after getting back from the event. It was a good showing, and we got to park front and center of the hundreds of vehicles that were there.

Not going to win any film awards, mostly video driving there and back. About 30 miles round trip. With the anxiety of something breaking or going wrong, felt like 200.



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London England
Thank you for the video, (Now YOU have 'caused' a problem(As)) You have an absolute Gem there..Nice truck...I so WANT one...(b4..I?)......Hmmm.. Anywaze, "Somewhere in the E.U. " (In) A U.S. Army depot "...A lonely 'forgotten' truck....Stands ;crying' for a new owner.. .>save me save me save me< ..Well; recently 'Spotted by I',,.... I >Now< just HAVE to?, 'Save it'?...(Thinking, Wishing, Scheming, Plotting, (So using the ocd, acd, ddc, every ddc! to the max))..And for those that know me..watch this, (Or some other ,space...).
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