Engine Dip Stick Length and Carrier Cover Bows


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Sterling, IL
Hi All
I recently took in a Gama Goat for another fun toy.

I have two questions though.
1) does anyone know the length of the correct engine oil dipstick? The one in my engine appears to barely be long enough to enter into the oil pan.

2) The parts book(s) list 2 different Carrier Cover Bows. One for the M561 and another for the M792. I think I have both a cargo cover and a ambulance cover with the red cross on it. I put the ambulance cover on and it seems short. So I am wondering what the difference(s) are between the cargo cover bows and the ambulance cover bows.
Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help


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Maine USA
The ambulance cover is not like the cargo cover that has extra material that hangs over the sides and is tied down, it only just barely goes over the sides and is held against the body with a metal strip. Given the fact it may have shrunk over time it may appear to be short compared to a standard cargo cover which is tied down with ropes. I'll get a measurement on the dip stick. Would like to see pictures of your machine, welcome aboard.
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