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Tallinn, Estonia
I can confirm that here, in Estonia we have at least 30 more CUCV owners. They just do not use foreign forums.
Just for information ;)

We had CUCVs as aid from States somewhere in 90s, then in one time army gave these CUCVs to our National Guard, who used them to the end and sold some, what were in usable condition.

Robo McDuff

In memorial Ron - 73M819
Steel Soldiers Supporter
Czech Republic
Dear European Members of Steel Soldiers

I would like to ask you for help for our non-profit, as I explain in the main thread about this in the CONVERSATION section.

As some of you might know, in daily life I am Founder-Director of a Czech non-profit for regional development and heritage preservation.

For over 24 years, we played a small but significant role in helping our very rural region with the transition from a Russian-occupied Warsaw Pact country to active and progressive member of the EU and NATO. Now, thanks to COVID and the war in Ukraine, we are without cash and need help to survive till spring 2023.

I post here as a heads-up for the main thread, but mainly to ask as Europe-based members,NOT to use the "donation" buttons or PayPal. Donating to our Society is much easier and more direct for EU-based members than for our fellow-members outside the EU. This is explained on our EU Donation page. For comments, please use the main thread.

Thanks, have a nice weekend,
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Your all,

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Some day...........we will be able to meet us at a fine small European Steel Soldier event...............,perhaps.:)

European Member List

User Name / Town / Country

Migginsbros / Berlin / Germany (present)

Sili / Darmstadt / Germany (present)

Guyfang / 96224 Burgkunstadt / Germany (present)

KRedd /Hochstadt a. M./ Germany (present)

Tobi / Duesseldorf / Germany (present)

AAVP7 / Dortmund / Germany (present)

engem002 / Nierstein / Germany (present)

AirLenFroAH64 / Berlin / Germany (present)

Coffeelover29 / Germany (present)

Holgi / 35440 Linden / Germany (present)

german m1008 / Frankfurt / Germany (present)

Nico / Hamburg / Germany (present)

59apache / Bavaria / Germany (present)

migginsson / Berlin / Germany (present)

Hypnotoad / Hessen / Germany

Jonas947/ /Germany

Horst / Munich / Germany

Mirko / Hannover / Germany

MB2232 / Flensburg / Germany

hasardeur / Bergkamen / Germany

Stewartoverland / Germany

m1009SouthHessen / Darmstadt / Germany

KrispyKris / Kuerten / Germany

Charcoal01 / Merenberg / Germany

VanMan / Trier / Germany

Sezzo / Bavaria / Germany

Svenson / Deggingen / Germany

TM1008 / Kassel / Germany

Alienfromearth / Bad Berleburg / Germany

PeterP / Aschaffenburg / Germany

bananajoe / Heidelberg / Germany

Assel / Schwarzwald-Baar / Germany

luckyjack666 / Bad Koenig / Germany

CUCVM1009 / Muenster / Germany

Ollin2 / Herdecke / Germany

SGT Fritz / near Frankfurt / Germany

dyrk / Berlin / Germany

privatevince/ / Germany

avenger / Germany

Colditz / Germany

S4ndm4nn / Germany

SuBZero13 / Noves / FRANCE (present)


Math62 / Le Touquet / France (present)

dmetalmiki / London/ England (present)

Robin33ba07 / Clegarrow A83D456 / Ireland (present)

Tinygpw / Burnham / UK (present)

bennym45 / Tillingham / UK (present)

ChrisUK / Cheshire / UK (present)

KallyLC / Warks / UK (present)

Hummermark / London / UK

Robo McDuff / Kojakovice / Czech Republic (present)

TehTDK / Fredericia / Denmark (present)

Swfb / Netherlands (present)

suziq / Charleroi / Belgique (present)

Jake59 / Belgien / Kaggevinne

Stefan vanhee / Oostkamp / Belgien

johan77 / Limburg / Belgium

Joren / Belgium

Berend / Netherlands

Volvobrynk / Svendborg / Denmark

Rutjes / Amersfoort / Netherlands

HMMWV Sweden / Sjöbo / Sweden

Greger / Sweden

Tobbe tank / Sweden

Marmor / Sweden

K692/ Wängi / Switzerland (present)

bbking / Norway

vanaisa / Tallin / Estonia (present)

HUNvee / Göd / Hungary /(present)

Plasa / Italy

Alfio / Marcon / Italia

Plasa / Italy

juanri23 / Spain

M1009_SPAIN/ spain (present)

Cruiserhead / Greece/Germany (present)

Now 33 members are present in this thread
from 76 total
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It´s late, but not too late. Anyone who like to buy a Steel Soldier 2023 calendar and can´t/won´t order himself. We ordered some at consolidated press and we will distribute them to your european adress at cost price. Let me know , calendars are at customs clearance at Frankfurt/Germany. :jumpin: We´ll report about news a.s.a.p.
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