Fermont MEP-804A output


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Sorry if this is a redundent question, but can anyone confirm that the TB1 board on the 804A can be rewired to produce 120/240 volt single phase? There is a guy on youtube that shows rewiring the TB1 of an MEP-004/6 and says the exact same can be done on the 804A, but looking through the TM, I can't find anything about it. I'd like to bid on one, but if I can't get the definitive answer, I'll probably back down to an 803A which I know can produce single phase.



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804 is a 10 wire genny. There are 2 ground wires bonded in the head

004 is a 12 wire, therefore it can be rewired as a dogleg wye


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Yes it can be DONE ! But only as you have stated on the 004-7 series. And NOT any of the 804 up series. I have tried to talk with this person as he also advertises on ebay this same magic, he becomes evasive and non committal closing each exchange that it can be done.. well sure but at what additional effort and cost that he will not address. aS STATED ABOVE Marathon the gen head manufacture saves my guess 20.00 by not bringing out T11 and T12 as individual leads but rather combining them internally, thereby only allowing a Hi/ lo WYE configuration and no single phase at all beyond 120 L-N L-L will always be 208 or higher.. Not knowing what your loads are is a crap shoot, but a known fact is, the 803 will carry a lot of core and peripheral loads and represents a solid value... have fun .. mac/mc
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