Ferret down under picking trip.


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Well just home from a long week end picking trip. Got an assortment of goodies for my Mk1 Ferret scout car. Parts included:-

*Engine, B60 RR NOS in crate packed in 1955.
*tiers, qty 4 "lazy S" type NOS on rims.
*gear box NOS
*plantary boxes, 1 pair NOS.
*smoke distchargers, 1 pair.
*escape hatch c/w external stowage box and internal box, used.
*air cleaner, used.

Will post some photos tomorrow as it was too dark when I got home.



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Ok here are some photos of some of the goodies i have scored for it:-
* pair of NOS planetary boxes
* NOS gear box
* NOS 1955 dated engine in the crate
* exscape hatch c/w outside stowage box and inside ammo stowage box
* set of 4 NOS WD marked run-flat tiers on rims
* correct air cleaner c/w mounts
* small trailer load of NOS and TO parts
* NOS windsield c/w wiper
* pair of NOS smoke grenade launchers
* NOS document box




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Bronze green - hurrah!

Hey Phil - sounds like a great trip. Hope the B60 is in good shape.

Unfortunately, I think the specific value of your find will be lost on the general population of this site since the parts start with FV and not M.

It is the nature of the beast and history and therefore a shame for collectors.. the US has not had it's own land war (of any consequence - I know the exception of a brief occupation of far West Aleutian Isld in WWII), and with the govnmts disposal policies, the availability of non 'M' type vehicles is next to zero.

Things are slowly changing - just this week there have been two different instances on national tv where "tanks" from abroad were featured. Though they were actually ex-Brit FV 433's.. All credit to Tim Allen - he did clarify this on the show (Last Man Standing) though he mistakenly said it can't be used on the roads as "it doesn't have turn signals". There is also a 'Chieftan' article in the latest issue of a 4x4 mag.

I remember back in the UK, when "tanks" (mostly FV 432's and some 434's) started the "car crushing" phase. Now there are loads of real tanks running around.
There were no Eastern block vehicles... wall came down, now there is a great selection to behold. Ditto 'sand' coloured vehicles, there were more 'pinkies' and arctic vehicles than sand, now they are 'flavour of the month'.

I took my LR 1 Tonne to Aberdeen in 2000 and to my surprise it won 'most unique vehicle'.... It is just a Land Rover! I thought.

So - good luck with your Ferret build - look forward to pics.

I will hopefully change my signature soon, when I get my "M" truck home!
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