Filler hole thread dimensions for Blitz style Jerry cans


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Does anyone know what the filler hole thread dimensions are? I'm having trouble finding a drawing or specs for the threads on the old WWII style Blitz Jerry cans.

Specs or drawings on EverySpec have been superseded by the MFC sepcter can spec. I believe I'm looking for MIL-S-1283 or similar.

From the male threaded cap I have, I measure 2.3180" x 11 tpi. Too big to be 2-5/16" thread. I apologize if this is the wrong sub-forum.


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I thought it was the same 2" pipe threads they're still using today on the inside of the scepter cans. The old nozzles work just fine in either type that I've seen, unless they changed something.
I know the old expansion types work for either, I just figured the inside threads are the same as well as military commonly keeps older tech specs when updating things.

I made my own spout using standard 2" threaded reducer down to 1" pipe, it threads into the scepter extremely well.

2" pipe has an outside diameter of 2.375", and the effective thread external diameter is 2.31630, which is only a couple thousands off from your measurement
Threads per inch for 2" pipe is 11.5, which is also extremely close to what you measured.
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