Fire extinguisher recall of Kidde


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Hi All

Was doing some checking and discovers something in the NFPA codes, that is that many of these fire extinguishers should have been removed from service years ago on the basis that the code calls for them being hydrostaticlly tested every 12 years and many of the recalled ones can not be refilled so they could not be tested. So Kidde is being really aggressive in supporting their product, and of course protecting themselves.

All of mine were older that 12 years so they all should have been tested and refiled. Just another reason to check to see if any of your fire extinguishers are covered by the recall.

Cheers Phil

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Got mine in a few days ago. They had streamlined it by the time mine arrived, as detailed instructions and a return shipping label were already in the box.

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I registered 8 units to be recalled on 11/6/17. I got 6 of them over the course of last week. They were the same grade as the ones returned, as expected. Just got the last two, and was pleased to find they were all metal commercial grade types, they must have run out of the others for now.

Fedex driver took them on next delivery.


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I just saw this thread today and checked mine. Out of 6 Kidde units I have 3 on the list but only 2 apparently met the guidelines - 2.5 from our bedroom and a 5 from my POV. Both are important but I think the 5 can save my vehicle whereas the 2.5 is just to get out the door in an emergency (lots of windows I can just throw it through for an exit though). Hope they come quick. I've only had to use one once but now I'm going to be paranoid until the new ones arrive.
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