First load.


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Good lookin trailer. I have one but much rougher shape. Use it for scrap metal. With the light load you have there you might explore using the " dump" feature thats not really supposed to be used for dumping. I think its just for compact storage but if you set the brakes and pull the 2 pins in front you can back up slowly and dump the contents. I would only suggest this with very light loads and others would probably insist not to try it at all.


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first load is this tumbleweed of deathView attachment 830646
Nice Trailer!

It is just doing the job. Can't ask for more than that...

I have discovered that a couple of ropes laying on the bed of the trailer that maybe reach to the front of your truck on the ground - and the other end about eight or ten feet hanging out back will make life easier. Especially if the dump bed idea from Lothar doesn't work or is a heavy load.

Lay the ropes in the bottom of the trailer, pile in your brush, pull up the ropes to hold everything in place.
Then the magic is when you pull the ropes from the front - over to back of the trailer - and tie them off to a tree or something substantial.
Tie off the bottom back ropes to the back of the trailer before driving away slowly...
Everything should roll out and you untie from the "tree" and pull out your ropes with your truck and trailer.

Works pretty well and a lot easier than bending and "slinging" out the branches.
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