Fixed my shifter problem... now the hub is the issue!


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Charleston, WV
To those of you who weren't at the Rally, here's some background. I was tooling around in the Mog in a big buddy field and decided to put it in 2wd to see if it would do a donut. It didn't really... But, when I went to put it back in 4wd, it wouldn't budge. Finally, after jiggling it a bunch, it went into 4wd, but wouldn't go all the way into 4wd/diff lock. I thought maybe the linkage got bent or it was something internal. We took it to the carwash when we got home and hosed everything off. It wa still a real PITA to get into 4wd and would not go into 4wd/DL. I asked around on the Mog Mailing List and everyone said check the spring-loaded ball on the shift lever detent. It turns out that it is on the outside of the tranny and it can get dirty and rusty. I found it, cleaned it, and sprayed a butt-load of oil on it. After some more jiggling, it finally eased up and started shifting smooth again. Next time I go off-road, I'll be sure to grease the crap out of it first.

Now for the bad news, my left front gear-reduction hub is shot. When I jacked the truck up before we went to the rally to adjust the brakes, I found the hub to be loose, pretty darn loose. Well, it was 2 days before the rally and it's not like I could just go to NAPA and buy new bearings and seals, so I just drove on it at the rally. It spewed a little oil, but held together OK. Now, before I take any more road trips, it must be fixed. Evidently it takes special tools and very large torque-mutilplying ratchets to disassemble the hub. Most folks buy a NOS hub and just bolt it up or buy a whole new front end and keep the other for parts. Either way, the rally broke me so I won't be doing either for a while. So much for using it as my daily-driver, ha!! More updates later. I really need to update the Mog Gallery on the main site with all of my most recent project photos.


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man when one of those snaps you are in a world of pain. it will rip its self in half and the whole thing, wheel included, just flops over and you hear yout axle smash into the ground. not cool. i am glad it all worked ok for you.


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