FLU419 hydraulic cylinder Parts diagram error???


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This is on the FL-4 boom cylinders.
I discovered a parts manual issue when I messed up the threads on the rod and rod nut, because the rod wasn't secured enough when I used the big air impact wrench. So I must repair the rod threads and get a new nut. And so the adventure begins.

By my research, I concluded the rod and nut are 1 inch, 18 tpi, and the parts manual agrees with that. I bought everything, but found that the 1 inch - 18 nut could not possibly fit over the rod. Caliper measurements indicate it's an M26x1.5 thread. Is it normal for the manual to be wrong on that? I checked and double checked both cylinders and I think the manual is wrong.

Has anyone encountered this issue? and did you have to do it with M26x1.5? Those nuts are soooo rare!!! Even Chinese suppliers are not able to find them.
Thanks in advance


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The FL-4 front loader is made by Schmidt, not case. Only the rear excavator module is a CASE 580. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a Scmidt FL-4 parts book, but would be great if someone here does.
Sorry, I thought you were talking about the backhoe.
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