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1. I really like my FLU419. That is until I add diesel to the tank at a filling station. I have owned many and still own several diesel vehicles, both MV and civilian. None of them foam nearly as bad as my SEE. As an example, my M35A3 has a foam breaker in the neck and I can add diesel at the pump almost as fast as I want with minimal foam. With my SEE, I have to trickle the fuel in if adding from the pump. Depending on the pump, I get more or less foaming depending on the amount of air entrainment, but all are bad. Obviously, there is no problem when adding fuel from a can because minimal air is entrained in the fuel. I can't believe Mercedes doesn't have a better system for diesel vehicles when other vehicles do have a better system. I have a Mercedes E320 Bluetec diesel and there is minimal foaming with that car while filling.

2. I'm surprised that the SEE doesn't use two-part wheels with bead locks installed. I have had a tire go flat on my SEE when the tire brushed up against a rock that wasn't even very big. Since SEEs are used in off-road areas with very rough terrain, the tires should have bead locks installed in my opinion. I know others have also had this problem.


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Drill a hole in top of the tank. Install a bulkhead fitting and add a larger vent. This was an issue on older Fords to when the high speed nozzles came out a few years ago

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Easier yet, pull the strainer out, either permanently or while fueling up.
At least in my case there's definitely no lack of venting capacity around the nozzle with that large filler neck, but the strainer hinders the fuel flow.


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My tank breather was painted shut by the CARC coating. Its screwed into the top of the tank between the tank and rear platform. I ended up finding an identical non CARC coated version on the web by searching the name that as cast into it. It has a check ball in it that if the SEE is sidewards or upside down that the fuel will not flow out. I havent tried to check that in person ;). It will rattle if you take it out. My old one did not and not many solvents will loosen up CARC.

That said I usually pull the tank strainer out if I am pumping at a diesel pump.
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