FLU419 tandem brakes.


Georgetown, Calif
I am putting a FLU419 cab on my 1973 Unimog 406. The FLU419 has air fittings (gladhands) on the right front which allow the brakes to operate from the towing vehicle. The gladhands connect to a Protection/Relay valve which in turn connects to a Tandem valve mounted on the air brake cylinder.

I need to either move or disable the tandem brake system because these components are in the way of where the hydraulic tank is mounted on the 406. I could simply move the components to the left side but I still would not be sure that I have a complete system since I don’t have a FLU419 to look at. I’ve looked in the manuals but haven’t found how they function, only how to replace components. I fear that simply plugging a line could cause unwanted results.

I would like to understand how the tandem brake system works, hopefully a functional diagram.

I am guessing (I want to be sure) the towing vehicle attaches its trailer gladhands to provide air pressure and signal to the FLU419 when it is being towed. When the towing vehicle applies its brakes the brakes on the FLU-419 get applied. I don’t know if there is also an air tank on the FLU419 that is required for all this to work properly. I suspect there might be cause two air tanks (a small one and a bigger one) were included with the cab I got from Govliquidation.
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