Fluids for M274A5?

2003hummer h1

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Warwick, N.Y.
Ive been working off and on for two years on an M274A5 I picked up in Boston Mass. (two young children, no extra time) first time opening a Mule up.
Finally completed the engine work and she runs great! took her out for a brief ride and everything works the way it should.
Im about to change all the fluids (changed the drop housing fluid 90 weight gear oil) and crankcase oil (30 weight detergent). I have looked over the LO page and Im confused on a few things, I don't want to make any mistakes and put the wrong fluid in. Don't want a breakdown in the woods opening Bow season.
what type fluid/capacity does the transmission get? Are the transaxle and the transmission two separate things? Could someone tell me what fluids need to be changed, where drain/fill plugs are, type fluid and amount? Ive found so much info on this site and another one to replace most components on the engine, set timing, rebuild the magneto, ect. Thank you to the people that took the time to photograph and explain step by step the work they did. It made things real simple.



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Stamford, NY
I'm somewhat new to the Mule but would suggest using a Zinc additive in the Engine oil as it uses flat tappet hydraulic lifters and the new oils due to emissions have gotten rid of the zinc. Newer vehicles use roller lifters or followers so zinc isn't really needed.
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